martes, junio 17, 2008

Emmanuelle Waeckerlé. Republique Francaise

Republique Francaise - 2nd July to 13th Septembre
Centre Culturel Jean Pierre Fabregue - St Yrieix - France

Private view Wednesday 2nd july 6.30pm

Followed by Forgetting Elvis / Blue Elvis - a composition for video and cello by Marcus Kaiser

In this project I look very closely at the poster campaign of the 2007 French presidential elections, ending up with around 50 close-up images of smiles, eyes, slogans and textures. With these fragments I have created new heroes, alliances and slogans, hoping that by stripping bare the medium I can reveal what lies behind the message.

A series of diptyches, triptyches, collages and billboards and a small book (edition of 500)


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