jueves, noviembre 13, 2008

The team @ www.GZIPUSA.com are Content Creators, Filmmakers & Tecnical Logistics &/or producers of the film work listed below & have teamed up with eco-green designers, who are rebuilding New Orleans with Brad Pitt, to create in NYC TheGroundZeroINCUBATORLoft for small companies survivors of disaster's areas, as a 25X7 reality series over Internet...

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Will Smith, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, etc....

Thu 9/4/08 LIU Brooklyn Campus & Congressman Ed Towns unveil The Brenda Pilors Education Program

Noah Lord Nelson on DNA use in Court Systems

NBA Boris Diaw
http://www.ak-a.fr/site/tchip/urban.php?video=diaw&duree#6&lecteur=lect eu

Mensaje de Ana Carril-Grumberg