jueves, junio 28, 2012

LA POESÍA FESTIVAL ¡EN ESPAÑOL!: Sábado Julio 7 de 8pm a media noche en la librería del legendario centro literario BEYOND BAROQUE‏

PRIMER SÁBADO DE CADA MES: Sábado Julio 7 de 8pm a 12pm
en el legendario centro literario BEYOND BAROQUE
Beyond Baroque tiene teatro entrando a mano derecha,
galería subiendo las escaleras y nuestro evento es
entrando a mano izquierda en
681 Venice Blvd. Venice, CA 90291
Beyond Baroque Tel: 1310 822 3006
Organiza Antonieta Villamil: antonietavillamil@gmail.com
A compartir y disfrutar de tu cultura en tu idioma:
Trae obra original: poesía, cuento, música, pintura, etc.
Los pintores que quieran dibujar o pintar durante el evento o traer muestras
y hablarnos de su proceso creativo, bienvenidos.
Iniciaremos LA POESÍA FESTIVAL Julio 7 2012
con la presentación de la primera selección de poesía
POESÍA FESTIVAL: Poetas Cubanos 2012.
Recopilada y editada por Antonieta Villamil
y el poeta cubano Pedro Oscar Godínez Lanzó
durante el Festival de Poesía de la Habana Cuba.
y publicada por OwlCrow Press de Los Angeles.
Al llegar por favor anotarte con Antonieta.
Antonieta Cel: 1424 603 8156
Potluck Party: trae algo de comer o beber para compartir.
Sugerencias: Vino, empanadas, aceitunas, uvas, jugos,
quesos, crackers o tu comida favorita. Te esperamos!
Beyond Baroque queda al oeste de Los Ángeles,
a mano derecha sobre Venice Blvd.,
pasando Lincoln entre Oakwood y Abbot Kinney.
Si te pasas Abbot Kinney te fuiste muy lejos.
Entrada gratis. Estacionamiento público gratis entrando
a la derecha por la esquina inmediatamente antes
de llegar a Beyond Baroque.
Is this basically for Spanish speaking poets, story tellers, musicians and artists?
ANTONIETA VILLAMIL´s ANSWER: And for the public in general. Yes dear friend. Spanish IS and it is a local language. We lack and are weaken for that lack of expression space. 60% (conservative number of census) of the population in Greater Los Angeles of Spanish first language lacks this basic public space of expression of culture in mother tongue. It's a fight for the soul of the diversity of culture. This country of only English maims a parallel universe that should coexist for diversity's sake. Our original peoples from Africa and preamerican lands know these. Those who claim to be superior cut the spirit of our cultures first. There is no art in the schools for the common kid. Why should there be space for POESIA in their mothers’ tongues? The masses are fodder for war anyway? Shouldn't they be touched by the power of poetry in their own language? The powers that be impose and enforce these from day one. Aliens to culture in mother tongue; we are easily turned into war machines. I am a poet activist and to correct this is a way to help end the SUCIA culture of war. The angel of creativity and peace speaks to the heart in mothers tongues.
Bring original poesía, cuento, música, pintura to share
(painters are encourage to paint or draw on site
while poets, story tellers and musicians play)
On July 7 we begin with the presentation of the first POESIA FESTIVAL compilation
POESIA FESTIVAL: Cuban Poets 2012. Edited and compiled by
Antonieta Villamil and Pedro Oscar Godinez
and published by OwlCrow Press
FIRST SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH: Next: July 7, from 8pm to midnight.
681 Venice Bl. Venice, CA 90291
Organized by Antonieta Villamil: antonietavillamil@gmail.com
Free. To participate, bring original work in Spanish to share.
Or your ears just to enrich yourself in the waters of culture in your own language.
Potluck Party: bring something to eat or drink. Free public parking.
Antonieta Villamil