miércoles, junio 13, 2012

Offcourse Issue #49‏

Issue #49, June 2012.


■Squog, a Short Story by Lynn Beighley.

■Up and Down Horse, a Short Story by Ann Capozzoli.

■Housing Bubble and Poems by Chris Crittenden.

■Grey Bus and Three Collaborative Poems by Thomas Fink and Maya Diablo Mason.

■The Half-Light of Credulity and Other Poems by Daniel Y. Harris.

■Spooky and Other Poems by Robert Klein Engler.

■Thirty Nine, a Parent, a Stockholder and Other Poems by Oliver Rice.

■U.S.A. Revisited, an Essay on John Dos Passos by Fred Skolnik.

■Five Myth Inspired Pieces and Other Poems by Josep Miquel Sobrer.

■A Photograph of Muhammed Ali and Marianne Moore and Other Poems by Joel Solonche.